Sabtu, 03 Desember 2011

He's The Reason For My Teardrops

Why does time go so fast? and suddenly everything changed just like that. Barely a few hours yesterday I was very comfortable talking to her. But now, all is lost some where. I just do not want to lose him. One of the most important person in my life. That makes my life more meaningful and more fun to joke that he always made me laugh. Which inadvertently also have to motivate myself. I can not live without him. Feel like I will always depend on it.

But the beauty of it seemed to disappear now. He's changed since December 2, 2011 at 9:04 pm. He was so depressed because of losing her lover. Recently they decided to end all. He began not concerned with what he wanted to do. He does not concern me. But actually I really understand her feelings. I can also feel if I were in her position. But why did she think much about it? ... In fact, I've said that all this will come back as before. But apparently, it's useless. He ignored what I said. He still continued to think about it. Does he not realize that now I need him again? ... Why is he better think about the things he should not Think? ... ... ....

Yeah... Maybe he did take time 3-|

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